Volunteer Info

Welcome to all of our wonderful Volunteers!

The Host District Committee welcomes you to the 85th Annual Toastmasters International Convention!

Though the convention officially starts on Wednesday, August 17, some of you will participate in your first scheduled volunteer shift as early as this Sunday, August 14! Here’s some logistical information in order to prepare for this exciting week of networking, learning, and fun!

Convention and Volunteer Location: Marriott Marquis Hotel
901 Massachusetts Avenue, NW, Washington, DC

Orientation/Training: Tuesday, Aug 16, 7-9pm
Marriott Marquis Hotel, Level M2, Salon 16

This orientation and training is an awesome way to meet the other Helping Hands and get an overview of what to expect when volunteering. It’s not a prerequisite, but check out these other benefits: * Tour the hotel and find the hidden shortcut to the convention center! * Get your registration packets early, and beat the rush! * Pick up your Helping Hands vests! * Include your Smile in the commemorative team photo!

Host Office: Marriott Marquis Hotel
Level M2, Salon 16
Tuesday, Aug 16 – Saturday, Aug 20

The Host Office/War Room is your Volunteer Central location! Before and after each volunteer shift, drop by and the Host Office staff will check you in and check you out, so that you receive credit for your volunteer time. They’ll direct you to your volunteer location and give you the name of the person to whom you should report. If you have not been given a vest yet, you can get a “loaner” at the Host Office, and they might let you leave your umbrella there while you volunteer! Other benefits: Did we mention Snacks? (If you are scheduled to volunteer on Sunday, Aug 14, or Monday, Aug 15 – before the Host Office officially opens – go to Salon 16 and ask for Jill.)

Dress: General attire for most events is business casual, and semi-formal attire is appropriate for the President’s Inauguration and Celebration. During your volunteer shifts, you’ll wear custom-designed vests that identify you as someone who is “in the know” and can help other attendees. Don’t forget to wear comfortable shoes and layers, so you can handle both the August heat in DC and the polar chill of meeting rooms!

Live Stream Lounge: TI will continue to record all events, but there will be no Live Stream Lounge, as previously planned. Instead, volunteers are welcome to attend all convention events in Real Time, in the Real Room! Now we can all join in the Opening Ceremony and be part of the action at the World Championship of Public Speaking! (If you are scheduled to volunteer at the Live Stream Lounge during one of the streamed events, you will now support the same event, but report to the meeting room where the event will be held.)

More Hours:
Over the last few weeks, TI has added several new volunteer roles and shifts.

If you want to sign up for more volunteer hours, feel free to look over the remaining volunteer shifts and sign up on www.initlive.com or at the Host Office when you are onsite at the convention.

Thanks for your commitment to support the convention!

Paul White and Jill Vanderweit
Host District Co-Chairs